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Blackboard Student Support

Blackboard (Bb) is a Web-based learning management system designed to allow students and faculty to participate in classes delivered as Web-enhanced (to complement face-to-face teaching) or completely online.

Blackboard is an application that provides a set of educational tools to facilitate learning, communication and collaboration using the Internet and the computer.  At UTSA, Blackboard is used for online course learning, email, assignments, and other administrative tools to assist the instructor in the process of management and continuous improvement of the course.  Blackboard provides a secure location where faculty can place course materials, such as the class syllabus, assignments, lectures, presentations, assessments, grades, etc. In addition, Blackboard provides tools to facilitate communication between student and faculty such as discussion boards, chat rooms, email service and calendars.  Blackboard is accessible to faculty and students from any location via the Internet.

In order to use Bb you will need an Internet connection, a Web browser, and a properly configured computer. In some cases you might need a headset microphone.


Not all UTSA instructors are using Blackboard in their courses.

Not every UTSA course will have a Blackboard course shell.

Check with your instructor to see if your course has a Blackboard component.

Getting Started with Blackboard

Here are some quick steps to help you start with Bb as smoothly as possible.

Step One: Configure your Computer for Bb

Before logging into Bb for the first time, you should perform a browser check to make sure your computer is properly configured.

Step Two: Connect to Bb at

  • Note that not all instructors use Blackboard in their courses.

  • Check with your instructor to make sure your course has a Bb component.

Step Three: Enter your Blackboard ID and Password

  • Your Bb ID (or user login name) is your myUTSA ID ("abc123" format)

  • Your myUTSA ID Password

Step Four: Accept the Java Security Certificate

  • After logging into Bb, you will be prompted to accept a Java Security Certificate. This is a standard security process on your computer. You must click "Yes" or "Always" to ensure that Blackboard tools using Java (such as file manager, chat, mail, etc.) will work properly in your browser.

  • You will now see a dialogue box saying The application’s digital signature has been verified. Do you want to run the application? Check the box "Always trust content from this publisher" and then click "Run".

Step Five: Change your Password and Set up Security Settings

After you successfully log into Bb, you can change your password by clicking on the "My Settings" link at the top of "My Blackboard" screen.

The "My Settings" link is always available from the logo bar at the top, unless you are working in a course, in which case you must return to the My Blackboard screen to see the link.

  • From the "My Profile" tab, click "Change Password."

  • In the Current password text box, enter your current password.

  • In the New password text box enter your new password, and then in the Confirm new password text box, re-enter your new password. Passwords are case sensitive.

Password Requirements: Your Password must consist of a minimum length of 8 characters and three out of the four following types of characters: Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols.

  • At least one uppercase alphabetic character (for example: A,B,C)

  • At least one lowercase alphabetic character (for example: a,b,c)

  • At least one numeric character (for example: 1,2,3)

  • At least one symbol (special character): (for example: @,*,!,^)

Note: Spaces within passwords are allowed, leading and trailing spaces are not.

You should also create your Secret Question and Answer.  If you forget your password and can answer the secret question correctly the system will re-set your password and send it to you to the email address you have listed.  When finished with your Secret Question and Answer, check to see if your email address is correct.  If not, click on "Edit Profile," enter the correct email address and click "Save".  Then save your Secret Question and Answer.

IMPORTANT: If you have not previously entered your email address, and added a Secret Question and Answer via the My Blackboard "My Settings" page, the "Forgot Your Password?" link will not recognize your email address!

Step Five: Access your course(s)!

Once you are logged into Bb, you should see your course(s) listed in the “Course List� box. The "Course List" box will display all of your Bb courses that have been activated by your instructor(s).  To access a Bb course click on the course title link.

To go to another course, click on the My Blackboard tab in the upper left part of the screen to return to the view of all your courses.  To access another Bb course click on the course title link.

You will not see your course(s) link(s) listed until 2-3 days prior to the start of the semester. 

Other Things to Know

  • Third party cookies are allowed by default on all supported browsers. If you experience problems staying logged in to Bb, please check your browser settings to make sure you allow third party cookies.

  • Some content within courses may require the installation of third party plug-ins such as, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, and many others. In each case there should be a notification and link informing you that you need to install a new plug-in. Be careful that you only install trusted plug-ins that are necessary for the course content.

  • It is extremely important that you Log Out and close the browser completely when you finish each session with Bb. This is the only way to protect your sensitive data. Make sure you Log Out when you are finished with your session, especially if you are in a public lab, library, or any other location where a computer is shared with other people. To be extra safe, close the browser as well.

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