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Business Auxiliary Services

    Alternative Transportation

    The choice is yours!

Consider the UTSA Business Auxiliary Services options for all your campus commuting needs.

It's your choice about the way you commute to campus. We'd like to offer you a few other options: carpooling, biking, walking, and busing.


Sneak some playtime into your day!

You remember how fun this was when you were a kid? It's still the same rush now that we're grown up and going to campus for work and class. Biking is a joyride for your mind and body & the perfect infusion of fun, healthy energy to get you where you need to be. Tune up your body and your budget every day.

Biking at UTSA - Register your bike here.

B-Cycle San Antonio - Bike sharing in downtown San Antonio


Get your feet on the street!

Walking is the easiest OPTION to get you to school with a smile on your face. Each step saves you gas money and a lot of stress. UTSA shows its real beauty when you see it close-up. Say goodbye to the woes of traffic and searching for parking. Say hello to your new favorite time of day.


Beat the drive-alone blues!

Those extra seats in your car are just begging to be used.  Your car and wallet will thank you because you will be cutting down on fuel, maintenance and repair bills by leaving your car at home occasionally.  So, sit back and chat with your new Carpool buddies. Have some coffee. Do a crossword. Relax and enjoy the ride. Register your carpool here.

    Some Carpool sites that could be useful:

    Carpool World

    **UTSA has no relationship with any of these third party service providers. Please use caution and research thoroughly before arranging rides.





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