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    Lot and Street Name Changes

    In an effort to make street and lot locations more easily identifiable, the University has renamed the lots and streets as indicated below. Previously, lots were identified numerically and lacked logical orientation. Now, lots are identified by the roadway from which you enter the lot. This change should provide an easier navigation experience.

    Parking Map-Main/DTC

    Old Lot Name New Lot Name
    Lot 1 Bosque St Lot (BQL)
    Lot 1A Resident Lot 2 (R2)
    Lot 1B Resident Lot 1 (R1)
    Lot 2 Cook Rd Lot 2 (CR2)
    Lot 3 Peace Blvd Lot (PL)
    Lot 4 Bauerle Rd Lot 2 (BR2)
    Bauerle Rd Lot 3 (BR3)
    Lot 5 Brackenridge Ave Lot 1 (BK1)
    Brackenridge Ave Lot 2 (BK2)
    Lot 6 Ximenes Ave Lot (XL)
    Lot 7 Ford Ave Lot (FL)
    Lot 8 Bauerle Rd Lot 1 (BR1)
    Lot 10 Brackenridge Ave Lot 4 (BK4)
    Lot 10A Brackenridge Ave Lot 3 (BK3)
    Lot 11 Brackenridge Ave Lot 5 (BK5)
    Lot 12
    Lot 12A
    Barshop Blvd Lot 1 (BS1)
    Lot 13 East Campus Dr Lot (ECL)
    Lot 14 Resident Lot 3 (R3)
    East Garage Bauerle Rd Garage(BRG)
    North Garage Tobin Ave Garage(TAG)
    Rhoderick Key Lot Key Circle Lot (KL)
    Tobin Lab Lot Barshop Blvd Lot 2 (BS2)
    South Garage Ximenes Ave Garage(XAG)

    Old Street Name New Street Name
    John Peace Blvd Peace Blvd
    James Bauerle Rd Bauerle Rd
    O'Neil Ford Rd Ford Ave
    Edward Ximenes Ave Ximenes Ave
    George Brackenridge Ave Brackenridge Ave
    Walter Brenan Ave Brenan Ave
    Margaret Tobin Ave Tobin Ave
    Sam Barshop Blvd Barshop Blvd
    Rhoderick Key Dr Key Circle
    Fred Cook Rd Cook Rd
    Bartlett Cocke Dr Cocke Dr
    Thomas Divine Dr Divine Ave
    Marshall Hicks Dr Hicks Dr
    Ransom Rd
    Principal St
    UTSA Circle
    Bosque St
    West Campus Rd





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