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UTSA Outreach Council

The UTSA Outreach Council was established in 2007 by President Ricardo Romo. The purpose of the Council is to serve as a “vehicle: for disseminating and sharing outreach information throughout the institution, for promoting collaboration where outreach interest may overlap, for fostering/encouraging the exchange of ideas and avoiding duplication.

Outreach activities at UTSA are undertaken by numerous departments, centers and programs. These activities involve “reaching out to engage” various university constituencies including potential students, schools, communities, alumni, non profit organizations, businesses, entrepreneurs, etc.

Membership in the Outreach Council consists of representatives from all of the vice presidential areas of the university. The Council is chaired by the Vice President for Community Services.

Council Minutes

March 29, 2007 Minutes
June 19, 2007 Minutes

Council Members

UTSA Outreach Council Representatives for 2007

Outreach Council Chair

Dr. Jude Valdez

Student Representative

Dante Washington

Student Affairs

Marlon Anderson
Lisa Blazer
Lynn Hickey
Bruce Howard
George Norton

Business Affairs

Dave Hernandez
Dave Kapalko


Bill Angrove
Eugene Dowdy 
Dennis Haynes
Dr. Betty Merchant

University Advancement

Jane Burton  
Marianne Lewis 
Linda Lopez George

Research and Development

Dr. Jeffrey E. Kantor 
Lawson Magruder 

Community Services

Dr. John Davis
Belinda Grace Harmon
Rick Gonzalez
Bob McKinley

Council Power Point

Community Engagement at UTSA