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How do I make a reservation request for space?

Requests are accepted via the online request form only at http://www.utsa.edu/uctr/events/request/index.cfm, using a UTSA email account. Please refer to the Open Reservation Date Schedule for dates to submit. Remember, space is in high demand and limited. To assist the EMCS Office, all event arrangements must be limited to one planner per event. Space availability can be viewed on the UTSA calendar prior to submitting a request. We recommend that you check availability prior to your request, which will improve your probability of getting requested space/date. Please keep in mind that requests are processed in the order in which they are received, and another organization may submit a request before you, leaving the space unavailable by the time your request is processed.

How do I request space in facilities other than the UC?

EMCS has created a UTSA Space Contact Sheet (Word document) that will give you all of the necessary contacts for reserving space on campus. EMCS handles over 10,000 requests every year for many spaces on campus, including outdoor space. Classrooms in academic buildings can be requested after the Census date (10 school days after the start of classes each semester). You can also view the UTSA HOP.

When do I begin planning an event?

Space is in high demand, so please review the Open Reservation Dates for your organization and plan ahead. Due to the many elements required to produce a successful event, major events must be requested at least two months prior to your event. A planning meeting with an Event Manager is required, no later than one month prior to your event to coordinate all necessary details. Upon receipt of all required information, your reservation will be confirmed. Major events are those held in certain spaces requiring setup diagrams, multiple spaces, or multiple resource requirements. As of August 1, 2009, all requirements must be sent to EMCS two weeks prior to event to avoid cancellation and re-assignment of space.

I’ve received an automated email about my request and a tentative confirmation. Does this mean that my request has been granted?

Response time for general meeting requests is 1-2 business days. During peak times, (first two months of a semester), please allow 3-5 business days. You will receive an automated email to ensure your request has been accepted. Once you are sent a confirmation, you are responsible for reviewing it for accuracy. Please note that due to the high volume of requests for UTSA space, availability cannot be guaranteed. EMCS reserves the right to assign a different room when necessary, based on size and needs of event, for optimal space usage. An event is not confirmed, until all requirements and forms have been turned in to EMCS by the deadline.

I need to send out flyers and invitations for my event. When can I do this?

Invitations and advertisements should only be arranged after the event has been confirmed through the scheduling process. This will ensure space has been reserved, service providers are informed, and all University policies and procedures are followed. No major event will be confirmed without a planning meeting with EMCS to review event details at least one month prior to event. It’s extremely risky to inform guests before confirming your event is compliant with University policies.

How are the rooms configured?

Unless specified on the online request form, each room in the UC will be set up “Standard for Space” (highlighted in orange on the UC Quick Reference Guide - XLS Document). UC meeting rooms are equipped with tables, chairs and a podium. Some spaces allow for customized setups; however, a diagram must be submitted to EMCS two weeks prior to the event. All space should be left in the same condition as received. UC Operations staff is the only personnel authorized to move furniture. Failure to restore a room to its proper setup may result in a $25.00 reset fee. See Room Diagrams for more information.

When can I have access to my confirmed room?

Meeting rooms will be available 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time when not using AV equipment, and 30 minutes before events with AV equipment. If more time is required, please specify Client Access Time on the online request form. Standard client access time for major spaces (Ballroom/Denman) is 4 hours. Please specify on the request form if more time is needed; applicable fees may apply. Events in the UC will begin one hour after building opening and must be completed one hour before building closing. If the event extends beyond this, applicable fees will apply. At your event, you may be asked to show your Reservation Confirmation to UTSA personnel including staff, access control (keys), Facilities Services or UTSA PD.

What audio/visual equipment is available at the University Center?

The UC A/V crew has an array of equipment to help make your event a success. The EMCS staff can arrange for all necessary equipment to be delivered to create a simple meeting or a spectacular event. Projectors and screens are available in all UC rooms; however, laptops must be provided by event sponsor. There is a fee for laptop use. ( See Fee Schedule.) If you are using a MAC laptop, please specify on request form so that appropriate cables will be delivered to your meeting.

Is fundraising allowed on campus?

Only registered student organizations and University departments or entities may conduct fundraising on campus. Non-university organizations or guests are not allowed to conduct fundraising in UTSA facilities or event spaces. For additional information, please click on the links below.

How can I bring a guest speaker to campus?

Registered campus organizations and university personnel may present guest speakers at their events. Registered student organizations must obtain advanced permission from the Associate Dean of Students with a form from EMCS. See the full policy in the Handbook of Operating Procedures at http://www.utsa.edu/hop/chapter9/9-37.html.

How do I bring a non-university organization to my event?

These types of groups can come to campus through a joint sponsorship process. Please review HOP 8.5, HOP 9.37 section VIII and BOR 80105 and contact EMCS for further clarification.

How do I advertise my event on the UTSA Events Calendar?

The web calendar allows us to highlight some special events as “Featured Events” and can be requested from an Event Manager on the reservation form. “Featured Events” must fall under the following criteria:

  • Event is requested through online request form with a proper description.
  • Event must be open to the general public and must appeal to a wide audience (expected attendance greater than 100).
  • Event must meet UTSA's mission, vision and core values.

What if I leave belongings in a room after an event?

Any items found in the University Center are sent to the UC Information Center (210) 458-4735. At the end of the day, all items are sent to the UTSA Police Department (210) 458-4242.

Where is amplified music allowed?

Amplified music is allowed at several UTSA locations. See Peaceful Public Assembly Policy 9.37.Those desiring sound amplification should discuss their needs with their event manager.UC Staff will determine appropriate sound levels for amplified sound in and around the UC.

How do I request recycle bins at my event?

Requests for recycle bins can be made by asking your event manager to coordinate with the Environmental, Health, Safety, and Risk Management Department at (210) 458-5250.

When is security required at my event?

UTSA Police may be required for social events, late night events and events serving alcohol. UTSA PD will determine requirements per event. Fees will apply. The use of wristbands in the UC may be required for entrance at these events.

What is required for events with food?

A Food Service Release Form is required for all events with food.Anytime an event is advertised to the public and food will be present, a permit must be obtained from the San Antonio Metro Health Department. If distributing food outside, please refer to the Food Solicitation Restricted Areas Map for locations near contracted food establishments. To order on-campus catering, visit http://www.utsa.campusdish.com/ or call (210) 458-7682.

How do I cancel my event?

To cancel an event, email EMCSevents@utsa.edu with the reservation reference number in the subject line no later two business days (minimum of 48 hours) before the scheduled event to avoid a cancellation fee. For events in the UC Ballroom or Denman, cancellation requests must be made four weeks prior to your event. The cost of the reserved space and equipment will be applied to all late cancellations. If an organization fails to cancel a reservation and is a “no show”, the same fees will be applied. Due to space limitations, violations of this policy may result in the loss of reservation privileges for the requesting organization.

How do I give directions and parking for my event?

The parking garage located directly south of the UC charges an hourly rate. A flat rate for some parking lots may be charged for large special events. Special accommodations or alternative billing solutions may be arranged by EMCS staff who will assist in coordinating your event parking needs with the Parking & Transportation Services. Visit the UTSA visitors website for driving directions.

Can I have a wedding at the University Center?

The University Center has been designated as a special use facility and can host a variety of events such as weddings, receptions, banquests, receptions, proms and Quinceañeras. For more information, visit our website at www.utsa.edu/events. To schedule an appointment with an event coordinator or to tour our facilities, please contact EMCS at (210) 458-4155. For more policy information:
Special Use Facilities: http://www.utsystem.edu/BOR/rules/80000Series/80106.pdf
Use of Facilities for Weddings: http://www.utsystem.edu/BOR/rules/80000Series/80108.pdf