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When can I have access to my confirmed room?
Meeting rooms will be available 15 minutes before the scheduled meeting time when not using AV equipment, and 30 minutes before events with AV equipment. If more time is required, please specify Client Access Time on the online request form. Standard client access time for major spaces (Ballroom/Denman) is 4 hours. Please specify on the request form if more time is needed; applicable fees may apply. Events in the UC will begin one hour after building opening and must be completed one hour before building closing. If the event extends beyond this, applicable fees will apply. At your event, you may be asked to show your Reservation Confirmation to UTSA personnel including staff, access control (keys), Facilities Services or UTSA PD.

What audio/visual equipment is available at the University Center? The UC A/V crew has an array of equipment to help make your event a success. The EMCS staff can arrange for all necessary equipment to be delivered to create a simple meeting or a spectacular event. Projectors and screens are available in all UC rooms; however, laptops must be provided by event sponsor. There is a $75 dollar fee for laptop use. If you are using a MAC laptop, please specify on request form so that appropriate cables will be delivered to your meeting.

Is fundraising allowed on campus?
Only registered student organizations and University departments or entities may conduct fundraising on campus. Non-university organizations or guests are not allowed to conduct fundraising in UTSA facilities or event spaces. For additional information, please click on the links below.

http://www.utsa.edu/sa/so/pdf/fundraising_guidelines.pdf http://www.utsystem.edu/BOR/rules/80000Series/80103.pdf http://www.utsystem.edu/BOR/rules/80000Series/80105.pdf http://www.utsystem.edu/BOR/rules/80000Series/80104.pdf

How can I bring a guest speaker to campus?
Registered campus organizations and university personnel may present guest speakers at their events. Registered student organizations must obtain advanced permission from the Associate Dean of Students with a form from EMCS. See the full policy in the Handbook of Operating Procedures at www.utsa.hop/chapter9/9-37.cfm.

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