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Staff & Faculty

Faculty and Staff may schedule space on the Main Campus by visiting the Online Reservation Form. Reservation requests received after these deadlines will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Joint Sponsored Events
A joint sponsored activity is any event, camp, conference, meeting or program that takes place on any of the UTSA campuses that is:

  • hosted by an UTSA/Internal Host
  • hosted by an Invited/External Host unaffiliated with UTSA

Before advertising an event with an outside organization, visit the Joint Sponsorship website for and application and step-by-step information at http://www.utsa.edu/events/cohost
Helpful Tips:

  • Registered student organizations may not joint sponsor with an outside organization. See HOP 9.37 for more details.
  • Faculty and staff departments requesting to joint sponsor with an outside organization should begin the approval process at least 60 days prior to event.
  • EMCS Joint Sponsorship presentation
    • To sign up for a workshop on this process, visit the HR Website (FS 117) or contact EMCS at 210.458.4155 to schedule an appointment.

University Center Events
Faculty/Staff Open Reservation Dates:
Fall Semester – April 8
Spring Semester – October 8
Summer Semester – February 8

These scheduling dates provide the campus an opportunity to request event space in the UC up to one (1) semester in advance. For a complete list of reservation procedures, see the EMCS Policies and Procedures Handbook. The University Center (UC) is a self-supporting auxiliary enterprise funded primarily by a designated student fee. Some fees may apply based on event needs and details.
University Center website
University Center Policies & Procedures
University Center Fees

Academic Classroom Events
Academic spaces are not available for reservation until after the Registrar census date (10 days after school starts).

Non-University Center Events
Events not held in the UC can be coordinated through EMCS on the online request form or by using the UTSA Space Contact Sheet.