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Registered Student Organizations
To request events on the Main Campus, registered student organizations need the following:

  • Be registered and in compliance with Student Activities
  • Be in good standing with the University
  • Complete the Authorized Contact Form with EMCS allowing only (3) representatives to book, change or cancel events
  • Complete Get Oriented and the EMCS RSO Event Workshop

Events Possible Workshop for Registered Student Organizations

Once complete, registered student organizations may schedule space on the Main Campus by visiting the Online Reservation Form. Reservation requests received after these deadlines will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please refer to the RSO Event Planning tools when coordinating events on the main campus.

Individual Students
Any current UTSA student may not request space on campus for events unless as a special event in the University Center only (fees apply). Speak to an EMCS events manager for details. Individual students can request a study space in the University Center (Wild Persimmon UC 2.03.02 & Acacia UC 2.03.04) on a walk-in basis and use the space for a maximum of 2-hour intervals in the UC.

Joint Sponsored Events
Neither RSOs nor individual students are allowed to jointly sponsor any event on campus with an off-campus person or organization. Refer to the following policies:
UT Board of Regent Rules & Regulations, BOR 80105
Handbook of Operating Procedures, HOP 8.05, HOP 9.37 Section VIII.
Student Organizations Handbook

University Center Events
Registered Student Organizations Open Reservation Dates:
Fall Semester – April 1
Spring Semester – October 1
Summer Semester – February 1

These scheduling dates provide the campus an opportunity to request event space in the UC up to one (1) semester in advance. For a complete list of reservation procedures, see the EMCS Policies and Procedures Handbook.

Academic Classroom Events
Academic spaces are not available for reservation until after the Registrar census date (10 days after school starts).

Non-University Center Events
EMCS will assist in finding the most appropriate and available space for your RSO event on campus. Your assigned events manager will work with the appropriate space scheduler using the UTSA Space Contact Sheet.