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Statement of Account - Corrections

How to Make Corrections to Statement of Accounts (SOA)

With very few exceptions (such as deposits in transit), SOA reconciling items need to be corrected in departmental records or in the accouting system. If correction of a transaction in the accounting system is necessary, follow the instructions below.

Purchase Orders: Contact the Purchasing Department.

Interdepartmental Transfers (IDTs): Contact the department that initiated the IDT (the initiating department will send a correction request to the Disbursements office). If IDTs continue to be posted incorrectly, contact the initiating department and request that changes be made to ensure charges will be posted correctly.

Payroll: Payroll corrections must be addressed through Payroll Services (see Salary and Wage Transfers on the Payroll Services website.)

Grants and Contracts: Corrections to Grants and Contracts must be routed through the Office of Grants, Contracts and Industrial Agreements (see Cost Transfer Form and Cost Transfers Overview). For assistance, contact the representative for your department/college.

All other corrections: Notify Accounting Services by email and provide the following information:

  • Voucher number or document identification number to be corrected

  • Reason for the correction

  • Amount of the correction

  • Account number in which the transaction is currently recorded

  • Account number in which the transaction needs to be recorded
  • Name, email address and phone number of the person requesting the correction

Forward the request to Accounting Services and copy the authorized signer for the account being charged.

Retain copies of all emails and other correspondence related to corrections (see FMOG Statement of Accounts (SOA) Reconciliation Process for SOA retention requirements).









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