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2012 A&P Salary Range Update

The purpose of salary ranges is to provide managers accurate, up-to-date market information from which to make pay decisions. In order to ensure salary ranges continue to reflect current, competitive market rates of pay, Human Resources conducts a comprehensive review of salary ranges (salary structure) every  year, alternating between the Classified, and A&P salary structures.  The most recent structure review  on the A&P salary range structure was implemented April 1, 2012.

Q:  What’s the nature of this review?
Basically we compare the salary ranges of many A&P jobs to the most recently published salary survey data (market data) for those same jobs. Through this process we can determine if wage rates have increased over time (since they were last reviewed).  Based on this data, we make an appropriate recommendation for a change, if needed, to bring the ranges up to current market levels.

Q:  What were the results from the recent A&P review?
Based on our most recent comprehensive review, A&P salary ranges were increased by 2.5%, effective April 1, 2012.

Q:  When salary ranges increase, is there an impact to individual employee salaries?
Employee salaries are impacted only if an existing salary falls below the revised salary range minimum.  In this case, the employee’s salary will be brought up to the new range minimum. 

Q: Why wouldn't all salaries increase? 
While it’s important that salary ranges and individual salaries remain competitive, there are separate processes to address ranges and individual salaries. Salary ranges are updated using the review processes described above. Individual salaries are reviewed regularly, and as warranted on an individual basis, by management and can increase through merit, equity increases, and promotions.

Q: What if I have additional questions, or would like to further discuss?
If you have questions about the salary ranges, or the update process, you are always welcome to contact HR Compensation. Your Compensation contacts are: Jenny Jung at 458-4254 and Catina Rover at 458-4259.


Page updated: April 25, 2012