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Employee Relations

Contact Us for Assistance


Employee Relations Advisor Providing services for
departments reporting to:
Phone Office
Sandy Covarrubias Wornat

Vice President & Provost
University-wide ADA Reasonable Accommodation

(210) 458-4662

Main Campus
North Paseo Bldg
4th Floor - 4.102

Joe Towey
VP-Business Affairs
VP-External Relations
VP-Student Affairs

(210) 458-4663 Main Campus
North Paseo Bldg
4th Floor - 4.102

Kathleen Carter-Stiggers

VP-Community Services
All departments located at the Downtown Campus
(210) 458-3333 Downtown
FS 4.548
Kathleen Carter-Stiggers
ITC Offices   Hemisfair Park Campus, ITC
(Thursdays Only)

For additional assistance please contact

  • Stacey Blum - Human Resources Specialist II (210) 458-7891
  • ER Fax number: (210) 458-5770

E-mail requests for information or concerns to UTSA Employee Relations:


Updated: August 07, 2015