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Day O.N.E. @ UTSA - Administrator's Guide

New Non-Benefits Eligible Employees

There are several steps to ensure that your non-benefits eligible hire is successful and the employee receives everything they need. 

IMPORTANT: Due to PeopleSoft retroactive hire is not possible

Human Resources is no longer accepting paper packets.  Please direct your new employee to use the New Hire Portal and/or the Day ONE website to access the forms that are now required. 

HR Processing Due Dates

Please note: If the employee will be in an unpaid relationship with the university (Person of Interest, formerly known as Volunteer) please stop here and follow the instructions for processing on the POI webpage.

Non-Benefits Eligible Process

A Criminal Background Check (CBC) is required BEFORE an individual can start work. Go to the UTSA CBC web page for instructions on the CBC process.

Please make sure the following is completed prior to hire date:
1. The administrator submits SharePoint form to Human Resources.
*If you are hiring more than 5 non-benefits eligible employees at once, please use this spreadsheet to attach to the 1 SharePoint form you submit for this action. 

2.  The administrator who submitted the form will receive an email notification when the job record has been created by Human Resources.

3.  The employee will receive an email with their new myUTSA ID and a link to the Portal where they will complete Employee Self-Service (ESS).  It is up to the department to follow up with the employee to make sure this step occurs. 

4.  Next, employee MUST visit the Human Resources office to verify their I-9 documents in person.  Please make sure your employee is clear on what documents to bring. List of acceptable documents.

5.  Employee must complete the forms requiring signatures and either the department can mail these to HR or the employee can drop them off during their visit to HR.  These are necessary to be in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Please submit the SharePoint form for each non-benefits eligible hire.



Updated: May 14, 2014