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Non-Benefits Eligible Employment

Volunteer (Service Without Salary) Processing

A Criminal Background Check (CBC) is typically required BEFORE an individual can start a Volunteer assignment. See process below to determine if a CBC is required. Go to the UTSA CBC web page for instructions on the CBC process.


The standard processing of volunteers requires a clear CBC and completion of an Acknowledgement of Service Without Salary (formerly called Volunteer) form with appropriate authorization signature(s) per UTSA policy.  Such form should be submitted to Human Resources no later than the third business day from start of Volunteer assignment. 

Volunteer assignments with special circumstances  as defined below will have special instructions.  Please contact Human Resources at extension 4648 for guidance should your volunteer fall into one of the following categories:

  • Minor under the age of 18
  • ROTC people that are returning to UTSA
  • UTHSC BME PHD Faculty
  • STTM Program
  • Southwest Research Program
  • Individuals that are in a concurrent paid assignment
  • Emeritus professor
  • International volunteers

Volunteers will require an HRMS 0% assignment if UTSA network access is required.  When creating the assignment, be sure to mark the box that states, “Treat like an employee” to authorize access eligibility within the system.  In addition, please include a HRMS note with appropriate designation if your volunteer falls into one of the special circumstances above.  Such note will expedite processing.  If no access is required, it is not necessary to create the HRMS assignment for HR purposes. 

To access individual forms:

Please note: Volunteers do not typically require an HRMS assignment unless the Volunteer will need UTSA network login credentials. If access is required, an HRMS 0% assignment will be necessary.


Page updated: December 05, 2012