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Time and Leave Administrator

Vacation and Sick Leave Reporting

December 03, 2012:
Regarding VSL reports and the implementation of Peoplesoft
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In accordance with the Government Code 661.908 it is mandatory that all departments keep time and leave records for all benefits eligible employees.

In order to comply with the above code, each department must insure that each benefits eligible employee reports their time and attendance to a designated individual who must ultimately validate the data and insure that any absences (vacation, sick, comp time, floating holiday, etc.) are entered into DEFINE.

A typical scenario is that the employee records their individual time and attendance as dictated by department policy and furnishes that data to management at the end of the month. Management validates the information and provides it to a leave administrator who enters the absences into DEFINE. The DEFINE entries should be made by the 10th of the month following the month in which the absence occurred.

Example: Absences taken in August should be reported to management during the 1st 5 days of September and the DEFINE entries should be made by September 10th.

Once this data has been entered into DEFINE, the leave administrator produces a report, titled "Department Report of Vacation and Sick Leave for the month of ………". This report must then be reviewed, validated and authenticated by management and must be submitted to HR (Leave Administration) by the 15th of each month; if the 15th of the month happens to fall on the weekend, then all reports are due in HR the following Monday.

If any of the above dates fall on the weekend, the due date is the following work day.
 5th Report PRIOR Month Time/Leave to Department Management
 10th DEFINE entries Completed
15th Submit to HR Leave Administrator:
"Report of Vacation, Sick Leave for month of ****"
17th HR provides VP's Late/Missing Leave Reports

The timely and accurate recording and reporting of absences is a compliance item, consequently, HR will monitor this area and advise the respective Vice President when the monthly Vacation and Sick Leave reports have not been received from their units.

HR will provide the department Vice President a list of those units, which have not submitted their report by the due date. This notice will be generated on the 2nd workday following the report due date. We've added the log that HR uses to record receipt of the reports to the HR web site in order to provide the leave administrator with visibility into the recording process.

Vacation Sick Leave Report
Valid UTSA Login Credentials Required.

It is suggested that the leave administrators view the log prior to the due date so that they will have sufficient time to react and reconcile any disconnects, e.g. report lost in distribution, etc., prior to the VP notice.

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Updated: February 13, 2014