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MBRS-RISE PhD Information for Mentors


The PhD component of the MBRS-RISE Program is designed to support PhD students from underrepresented groups who are earning their doctorates in Biology, Biophysics, Chemistry, Biocomputation, and Biomedical Engineering.

Our Expectations of Mentors

We expect mentors of MBRS-RISE students to assist our students to excel. Although we recognize that successful completion of research projects can take considerable time, we also expect our students to progress efficiently through their coursework and degree requirements while completing publications (preferably annual abstracts and one or more first author papers on their thesis topic prior to graduation) and enhancing their credentials. Click here for a listing of program expectations and evaluation of MBRS-RISE students. In addition, the MBRS-RISE Program will hold periodic seminars or workshops on successful mentoring that MBRS-RISE mentors are expected to attend.

Student Scheduling and Activities

The MBRS-RISE Program endeavors to keep activities that overlap with laboratory time to a minimum. One time of overlap will occur their first summer in the program, at which time they will participate in morning workshops for two weeks to strengthen writing skills.

How to Volunteer To Be a Mentor

If you are interested in reviewing applications or mentoring a summer undergraduate student, please fill out and submit the following RISE Mentor Application forms:

Mentoring Resources