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UTSA Mexico Center Research Fellowship Recipients 2007

The UTSA Mexico Center has established a grant to provide assistance with travel costs for joint student/faculty research projects that need time in Mexico to do field work or consultation at a university or research center. These awards are given out once a year. Award winners have one year to finish the project and present a final paper. The UTSA Mexico Center requests copies of the finished work and a presentation of the research project at a UTSA Mexico Center Brown Bag lecture.


Fall 2007 Award Winners:


Annalisa Mendiola

Status at UTSA - Ph.D Student, UTSA Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies Department
Project Title - A Critical Discourse Analysis of the 1992 State-Sanctioned Mexican History Textbooks
Summary - This study will explore the effects of U.S. government policies on the contents of the Mexican history textbook. Data gathered and analyzed will include semi-structured interviews from individuals in the Secretaría de Educación Pública and the National Teacher's Union to better understand the discourse contained in these textbooks and their perceived effects on the students that use them.

James Patrick Ordner

Status at UTSA - M. A. Graduate Student, UTSA Department of Sociology
Project Title - Social Movements and the Politics of Hope
Summary - The goal of this research project is to investigate the role of hope in the political ideology in social movements in Chiapas , Mexico.

Luz Nereida Perez Prado

Status at UTSA - Senior Lecturer, UTSA Department of Anthropology
Project Title - Fifteen Years of Mexico's Irrigation Water Reform: Agriculture, A New Dam, Development, Environmentalism and the Re-education of Farmers in the Hot Country of Michoacán
Summary - This project will update research conducted in the 1990s on the unfolding process of Mexico's irrigation water reform policy in the Hot Country region of Michoacán.

Dr. Corey S. Sparks

Status at UTSA - Assistant Professor, Department of Demography and Organization Studies
Project Title - A Multilevel Spatial Analysis of Mortality Rates in Mexican Municipios
Summary - The objective of this project is to analyze mortality rates in Mexican municipios controlling for both individual-level risk factors and community level risk factors and development indicators.



Dr. Romo with Luis Xavier Rangel-Ortiz

Luis Xavier Rangel-Ortiz

Status at UTSA - Pre-Doctoral Candidate, Culture, Literacy & Language Division of Bicultural and Bilingual Studies
Project Title - Mexican Transnational Entrepreneurs (MTNE) in San Antonio and their participation in PYMES (Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas) for the development of the economy of Mexico and San Antonio.
Summary - The objective of this research project is to identify Mexican Transnational Entrepreneurs in San Antonio that are involved in the PYMES (Pequeñas y Medianas Empresas) project to learn the logistics and influence of PYMES in the economic development of San Antonio and Mexico.

Dr. Romo awards Miguel Flores

Miguel Flores

Status at UTSA - Ph.D Student, UTSA Department of Applied Demography
Project Title - Health Assessment of Mexican Population living in the USA and Mexico: An Examination of the Hispanic Health Paradox.
Summary - The goal of this research project is to assess and compare the impact of nutritional elements and cultural ties on health status and mortality rates on Mexican population living in the U.S. with those living in Mexico.

Dr. Romo giving out awards to Dr. Sunil and Dr. Rojas

Dr. Viviana Rojas and Dr. Thankam Sunil

Status at UTSA - Assistant Professor, UTSA Department of Communication: Assistant Professor, UTSA Department of Sociology
Project Title - Aging, Transnational Migration and Cultural Adaptation
Summary - Recent estimates show a large presence of Americans living in less developed countries. Different locations in the states of Jalisco and Guanajuato, in Mexico, have been attracting U.S. retirees over the past decades. The goal of this study is to understand the reasons for this international retirement migration and the adaptation process to the Mexican Culture.


Dr. Trujillo and Patricia Dunn with their certificates

Dr. Armando Trujillo and Patricia Dunn

Status at UTSA - Dr. Trujillo, Associate Professor, UTSA  Division of Bicultural-Bilingual Studies
Status at UTSA - Patricia Dunn - Student Assistant, Bilingual and Bicultural Studies
Project Title - Crossing the Border to Revitalize Cultural Identity: Examples from Aztlán
Summary - The aims of this research are to: a) analyze the historical and political antecedents of the Becas Para Aztlán (BPA) program; b) assess the impact the program had on the career trajectories of BPA participants; and c) describe the impact that BPA program has had within Chicano/Latino communities in the U.S.

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