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UTSA Mexico Center Research Fellowships

The UTSA Mexico Center has established a grant to provide assistance with travel costs for joint student/faculty research projects that need time in Mexico to do field work or consultation at a university or research center. These awards are given out once a year. Award winners have one year to finish the project and present a final paper. The UTSA Mexico Center requests copies of the finished work and a presentation of the research project at a UTSA Mexico Center Brown Bag lecture.

Previous Award Winners:

Fall 2008

Aaron Stein and Dr. Branco Ponomariov

Status at UTSA - M.A. Graduate Student, UTSA Department of Public Administration: Assistant Professor, UTSA Department of Public Administration

Project Title - US - Mexico Scientific Collaborations: Extent, Determinants, and Consequences.

Summary - The purpose of this research is to investigate the extent and the properties of US - Mexico individual level scientific collaborations and will provide in-depth understanding of the history, determinants, and characteristics of such. In an effort to better understand what factors encourage such collaborations in the UT system, special attention will be paid between University of Texas System scientits with Mexican colleagues.


Richard Thurman and Edward R. Burian

Status at UTSA - Senior, Undergraduate Student, UTSA Department of Architecture: Associate Professor, UTSA Department of Architecture

Project Title - Mapping of the Urban Morphology of Cities and Plazas of Northeastern Mexico: Tampico, Tamps., Ciudad Victoria, Tamps., Matamoros, Tamps., and Monterrey, NL and Lerdo, NL.

Summary - This project will document and analyze the urban morphology of several of the most important cities in Northeastern Mexico.Each city will be selectively examined at several scales including: 1.) City plan morphology, that document each city in 1820, 1880, 1910, 1940, and 2000 including plazas, streets, and building footprints in digital CAD format 2.) Major outdoor public space morphology, including adjacent urban fabric in plan, section, and digital 3-D model including plazas, portales, alamedas, and parks in relation to specific institutional building types including churches, government buildings, and schools.


Edward Hayes and Dr. Teresa Eckmann

Status at UTSA - M.A. Graduate Student, UTSA Department of Art History: Assistant Professor, UTSA Department of Art History

Project Title - Mexico City as an International Studio: From Diego Rivera to Francis Alys

Summary - The research will examine the dynamics of art made within a specific local context and engages in global conversations. By exploring the ways in which Francis Alys conceptualizes the city as a studio to represent hopes and anxieties of an urban population to an international audience through performance and multimedia artworks. It's goal is to relate Alys's work to histories of public art (Mexican Muralism) and to a genealogy of institutional critique


Elizabeth Aguilar and Dr. Raquel R. Marquez

Status at UTSA - M.A. Graduate Student, UTSA Department of Counseling: Associate Professor, UTSA Department of Sociology

Project Title - The Renumeration of Los Braceros de Nuevo Leon, Mexico: former Braceros' family, work and transnationalism

Summary - The purpose of this study is to explore the mexican workers, los braceros, who labored in the U.S. fields as part of the Bracero program. It will also examine and focus on the braceros who are currently seeking lost compensation from the Mexican government. This will be conducted by exploring the following: 1)contributing factors to leaving their families behind in search of work, 2) affect the program had on their life course, and 3) relationship and linkages between braceros who returned to Mexico and those who opted to stay in the U.S.


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