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Fall 2008

Film screening:

Un Retrato de Diego; la Revolución de la Mirada

"A Portrait of Diego; the Revolutionary Gaze"


Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2008
2 and 4 p.m.
UTSA DT Campus, Buena Vista Theater (BV 1.326)

Diego López Rivera & Gabriel Figueroa Flores
2007, 80 Mins., Mexico
Feature Documentary

In Spanish with subtitles in English

Event free and open to the public

About the film:

"I paint what I see," declared Diego Rivera, considered the greatest Mexican painter of the 20th century. Upon the 50th anniversary of Rivera's art career in 1949, his friends and fellow artists, photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo and cinematographer Gabriel Figueroa, set out to capture Rivera's process on film. Before completion, however, they shelved the project. Nearly sixty years later, Gabriel Figueroa Flores (Figueroa's son) and Diego López Rivera (Rivera's grandson) discovered the lost footage and retraced the trio's steps. Archival footage and interviews with Diego Rivera's friends and relatives establish the historical context while clips from Mexico's Golden Era of Cinema dramatize the cultural milieu. The original film's remarkably personal imagery reveals Rivera in Mexico's natural environs among the earthy peasants and pre-Columbian art he loved and commemorated in his humanistic paintings. Thanks to "Retrato de Diego," we have an unparalleled look into the private world of this artistic genius



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