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Transfer Students

The Orientation Reservation System opening date has changed to March 27th. It is important to note that at this time we are not taking any telephone or email reservations. We want to ensure that equal access to reservations will be available to all, so we will make the online system available to all at the earliest possible time. 

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Orientation and Family Programs


A transfer student at UTSA is categorized as a student who has attended a college or university since earning a high school degree or GED and has more than 30 college credit hours at the time of application.

As the excitement of college starts to settle in, many students may find they have lingering questions regarding academics, student services, housing and residence life, financial aid and much more. The Transfer Roundup new student orientation will answer many of these questions and prepare you for your first semester at UTSA.

Orientation & Family Programs offers transfer students on-campus orientation options and online orientation options for the spring, summer and fall term semesters. Before you can learn more about your Transfer Roundup program, identify your admission classification.

Transfer Students

You are a transfer student if you have attended a college or university since earning a high school degree or GED, and have more than 30 college credit hours.