Purchasing Office

Purchasing with UTShare PeopleSoft

Purchasing Forms and Instructions

End users should use the new purchasing forms for certain procurement processes. Each new form has an "Instructional" document to outline the use of the form, the purchasing process, and how to communicated with the Purchasing Office.

Should an end user have a question related to UTShare/PeopleSoft procurement processing, please submit a help ticket with the PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center, or contact PSSC at 458-SPOC (7762).


I. Interim Requisition Approval Process

Requisition approvals will be performed manually until approval workflow is available in UTShare PeopleSoft. In the interim, end users will need to use one of the two methods listed below to obtain appropriate approvals for purchasing a good or service. Departments must obtain all approvals before generating a requisition in UTShare PeopleSoft, regardless of the process used. End users will be responsible for processing a PeopleSoft requisition for all orders.

A. Requisition Approval Log
End users will use a manual approval process to document and track requisition approvals similar to Pro-Card log.


B. UTShare Requisition Approval Form
End users will use an electronic form to track and document requisitioning approvals (electronic SharePoint form).

II. Purchase Order Correction Process

The Purchasing Office will process the majority of purchase order corrections. This new process will apply to all orders, including small dollar (under/equal to $5,000) purchases. If a department has an order that requires a change, follow the instructional document below and submit a Change Request Form to the Purchasing Office.

End users can send purchase order correction requests using the "Purchase Order Change Request Form" along with supporting documentation by email to purchasing@utsa.edu.


III. Return Item to Vendor

If there is a need to return item(s) back to the vendor, UTShare PeopleSoft has a new Return to Vendor (RTV) process to help track returned item(s). Central Receiving will assist in the RTV processing for item returns, end users will need to supply specific information in order to process the return. Follow the instructions below and submit the Return to Vendor form to crw@utsa.edu.

If you have questions related to returning items to a vendor, contact Central Receiving at 210.458.4592 (Main Campus) or 210.458.2780 (Downtown or ITC Campuses).


IV. Ordering Radioactive Material or Controlled Substances

Departments who need to order radioactive material or controlled substances will need to complete a request form using SharePoint before a purchase order can be completed. End users will need to fill out the Radioactive/Controlled Substance SharePoint Request Form, which will electronically route for financial approval, Environmental Health Safety and Risk Management review and approval, and lastly send a notification to the Purchasing Office regard the pending order.

Departments will need to submit any supporting documentation to the Purchasing Office before the order is created and completed. Email all supporting documenting to purchasing@utsa.edu. The Purchasing Office will be responsible for creating a direct purchase order and placing the order with the vendor.


V. Sending small dollar order(s) to Purchasing

Occasionally departments will submit small dollar requisition to Purchasing for processing. These types of orders maybe associated to a contract (documents requiring a formal signature) or possible leasing space. End users will not be able to create a separate type of requisition that will route small dollar orders directly to Purchasing, to submit small dollar requisition to Purchasing follow the instructional document below.