Region IV Conference Presentation Form

Deadline for submitting a program proposal is August 6, 2012. Notification on proposal submission will be made in mid-August.

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Choose one (1) or more of the eight (8) collegiate recreational sports core competencies your presentation will cover:


List 2 to 3 Learning Objectives

Objectives must be clear, concise, measurable indicators of what the participants will learn by participating in the session. Learning objectives are participant behavioral or performance-centered statements that describe exactly what knowledge, skills and/or aptitudes the participant will be able to demonstrate as a result of attending the session. The following websites provides assistance with writing proper learning objectives:


After this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Articulate three key areas of risk within the campus recreation setting
  2. Explain how a comprehensive risk management audit is developed
  3. Develop a plan to administer an audit at their institution

Technical Aspects

*Educational Session must be at least 60 minutes long to qualify for NIRSA CEUs. Click here for more information on CEUs/CECs.

Conditional Information Transfer (CIT) Agreement
All presenters are strongly encouraged to upload their presentations and supporting materials to Habitat, NIRSA's professional networking site, by Monday, October 1. Uploading your files to the Habitat Resource Library will allow attendees to electronically download your session's materials prior to the event, relieving you of the burden of printing and providing handouts and affording future reference opportunities to NIRSA Members.

Unless you check the opt-out box below, you agree to grant NIRSA the right to copy, publish, and share your materials, in part or in their entirety, for educational purposes and for NIRSA Member reference. NIRSA will always credit you for your work.

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