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November 2014, Issue 11

True Colors
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True Colors in Meetings

Have you ever been to a meeting where no one knows each other? Usually what happens is everyone goes around the room and says their name, what department they work in and sometimes how long they’ve been at UTSA. But how often do people include their dominant true color while introducing themselves? How often do people that you work with include their true color spectrum in initial conversation?

If True Colors is the WHO in our Student Affairs framework, describing who we are as individuals and our strengths and tendencies; then knowing this information in the meeting would be of great benefit. Knowing each other’s communication style is important to having a successful meeting and reaching the desired outcome. I encourage you to revisit how you use True Colors and how getting reacquainted with the color spectrums of those around you as well as those you encounter in meetings can enhance your meeting experiences.

Now think about the color spectrums of the people you work with every day. Can you picture everyone’s dominant color and know how to best communicate with them? When was the last time your department did a True Colors activity to highlight everyone’s strengths? A common language is an effective tool in streamlining processes, improving communications and increasing efficiency throughout your office. If your department’s True Colors have begun to fade, talk to your co-workers about re-engaging with this important resource. Inspire those around you to get creative with the many different ways you can incorporate True Colors throughout your day.

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Tammy Casas
Associate Director, Institutional Reporting
Office of the Registrar

Has your color spectrum changed over the years? How?

Describe those changes to your colleagues. Remember True Colors is a tool to understanding others and ourselves. It is a common language because we talk about it and use it to articulate our perspectives to each other. Keep it going.

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