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October 2014, Issue 10

Message from VPSA

Sam Gonzales

I think this year’s Homecoming was one of the best ever. The fireworks were amazing and the student organizations’ food booths were a big hit. I watched the game with much anticipation and was thrilled at the outcome. It was great to witness the crowning of a new Mr. and Ms. UTSA and celebrate our alumni.

Come to think of it, I think this year’s student recruitment and enrollment was the best ever with one of the largest incoming freshmen classes. I also feel as though the Roadrunner Days was the best. Truth is….my list goes on and on. Our milestones as a division occur every year. We are constantly outdoing ourselves.

Recently, I heard a speaker in the community that discussed the relentless pursuit of perfection. I started to think maybe that is a natural byproduct of a changing organization. I have often described it as a fast car ride. This is the relentless pursuit. We must keep moving forward and keep those milestones coming. However, now, I am going to work on eliminating the goal of perfection. It simply isn’t attainable. When I say that, staff remind me that some of the processes need to be pretty close to perfect like payroll, budgets, financial aid and so on. But you get what I mean. We can be focused on our goals and relentless in our pursuit of excellence, but perfection may not be the right word. I love it when I hear a speaker and something just clicks. When was the last time you heard a speaker who resonated with you in that way?

As we come closer to the end of the semester, let’s help our students understand this idea, too. It’s okay to be relentless and to have passion about our goals, but, it’s possible that the relentless pursuit of perfection will only distract us in the end. Food for thought.

Best wishes,

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