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August 2014, Issue 8

Message from VPSA

Sam Gonzales

Roadrunner Days is here and we are ready to kick the year off right. I am so excited for Roadrunner Days and the new academic year.

We have a lot of new Roadrunners this year and the Class of 2018 plus our newest Transfer students are more prepared and spirited than ever. They have chosen UTSA as their first choice, prepared, asked us questions, found the perfect class schedules, packed their belongings and had end of summer fun. No doubt it’s been a whirlwind. Just as our students have been preparing for arrival, we have been hard at work. From recruiting, admitting and housing them right through registering, assisting with finances, and enrolling and on to engaging them in the student experience, we have been involved in almost every aspect of the student’s first impressions of UTSA.

During the August meeting of the Student Affairs Council, I kept thinking to myself that the amount of work and effort that has already gone into this new academic year is unbelievable – and daunting. I was amazed at all that is going on and I can see the tremendous amount of effort and collaboration that has gone into making it happen. And you are not done yet.

You are about to volunteer for events outside your area which is a tangible symbol of our focus on collaboration. I know you are balancing the needs of your department with the university-wide effort of Roadrunner Days. Remember, it’s worth it. Roadrunner Days events aid acclimation to college in so many ways. This year, our focus is on the transition to our freshmen class in University College, supporting the academic experience and student-centered traditions. Thank you for volunteering, but more importantly, thank you for validating the student experience.

Keep plugging away and help each student start great and finish strong!

Best wishes,

We Are UTSA! We Are Student Affairs!