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December 2014, Issue 12

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Pick a Letter, Any Letter...

Wow, another semester is coming to a close — where does the time go?

Because this is such a busy time for everyone, it can be a perfect time to reflect on who, what, and why Four C's and REACH are important to the Division as well as all the individuals that make up Student Affairs.

For a lot of us, this is the time of season that we have lots of interaction with students. Some of the interactions may not be as positive of an experience as we would like, but nonetheless, remembering why we’re here and who we are will help us provide the support for students who are struggling.

Here's a suggestion, try picking just one letter from REACH and see if you are helping students meet that expectation. Now take it to the next level!

We strive for excellence everyday, so what better way to demonstrate our merit than to help our students REACH their goals this semester.

Donna Edmondson
Academic Affairs Ombudsperson,
Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

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