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September 2014, Issue 9

Thank You Rowdy visiting with Bryan Hilburn

Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation Thank You Rowdy Award Presentation

To: Bryan Hilburn
Fiscal Manager, Student Health Services
From:   Dianne Hengst
Director, Student Disability Services

It is with great joy and admiration that I pass on to you “Thank You Rowdy” for your incredible examples of team work and collaboration. You have been a true asset to the Student Services area by helping Student Disability Services when we were short-handed and by making sure our business processes continued.

When Student Disability Services suddenly lost a key employee during a very difficult transition to PeopleSoft, you did not hesitate to volunteer, pitch in, and help. You listened to the needs of our office and our staff, and you quickly assisted with many key areas. Despite not knowing how to do things in a new system, you quickly figured out who to contact, signed up for classes, and worked many hours to make sure our staff had the financial resources to complete key activities.

It is great “behind the scenes” people like you that keep things going and moving forward at UTSA. Without you, we could not have finished key projects that are integral to our office functioning, which in turn results in students with disabilities getting their needs met, students having access to university programs and activities, and the university remaining in compliance with federal and state laws. I admire your dedication to UTSA, Student Affairs, and our office.

Thank you for all you do, and for always advocating for students with disabilities.

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