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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the ACE Program?

The Access College and Excel (ACE) program is a special scholarship and retention program aimed at helping incoming freshman, who have graduated from specific high schools (see Who Is Eligible for a list of schools) effectively transfer from high school to a four-year university with the goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. Scholarships, individualized academic assistance, enrollment in a college success seminar course (COR 1203), participation in a Learning Community, mentoring, and advising services are given to ACE students for their first two academic years in college.

What are the advantages of being an ACE student?

Students are given individualized advising, mentoring, tutoring, and supplemental instruction to help sharpen their academic skills necessary to succeed in college.

Do I receive any financial assistance from the ACE program?

Yes, all students who have been accepted into the program receive a $2,000 scholarship for two (2) academic years. This scholarship is disbursed over two (2) semesters.

Do I need to have a certain GPA in high school to qualify for the program?

Yes, all students wishing to be considered for the program need to have at least a 2.5 high school GPA (on a 4.0 point scale). For more information on eligibility please see Who is Eligible.

Can I apply to the ACE program once I have been accepted and have completed a semester at UTSA?

No, the ACE program is designed for all students who are currently a high school senior and who are enrolling into UTSA for the first time.

Is there a certain campus that I need to attend?

All ACE students are required to attend the Downtown campus their first semester only.

How many hours do I need to take while enrolled at UTSA?

All students in the ACE program will be required to take at least 12 college hours.

What kind of help can I get to improve my study skills?

All ACE students will be enrolled in the Freshman Seminar (COR 1203) which is designed to help students enhance their study skills and promote their success at UTSA. Tutoring, supplemental instruction, and academic coaching services are also available to all students at the Tomas Rivera Center.

Where can I obtain an application?

Download the 2013 ACE application.

Who can I contact to get more information about the ACE program?

Sabina Kapoor
ACE program coordinator
210-458-4694 or