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Offered each Spring Break and May minimester.

We offer two Writing Institutes during the spring (spring break) and summer (May-mester) to aid you in completing your large writing project, such as a thesis, dissertation, exit, or seminar paper. We cover topics such as grammar, research, citations, transitions, and structure. We also give you focused writing time and one-on-one writing consultations. There is a $45 fee due at the time of application.

Writing Institute Application

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Past participants have said:

"I feel that this workshop has helped me improve my writing skills and focus on what is necessary and what is not."

"The writing institute helped me identify the cause of my writing blocks and gave me the tools to overcome them. Now I am writing every day and I have more to write than I had ever imagined. Although I love the finished product from writing, I really dreaded the process. It has been always full of anxiety for me. Now I am enjoying the process and my anxiety level is much less. Thank You!!!!!"

"I strongly recommend the Writing Institute for anyone working on a Thesis."

"The information presented was made simple and easy to understand. I was extremely helpful to breakdown the COMPLEX writing process into digestible and easy to follow steps. While we were all taught these in basic English courses, the application of them in graduate writing escaped our minds. This writing institute re-established those fundamentals of writing back into graduate writing and most importantly provided us with the tools to be successful writers in our field. At least for me, this course has given me the confidence to face my writing fears, and not give so much undo power to the roadblocks in writing process (getting started, writing, re-writing, editing, and revising). Thank you for making this course available and for giving me the confidence I needed to get my dissertation done and done well."

"What I liked best was that this institute helped me refine and improve my skills as a writer. It helped me find ways to ease my anxiety about writing, how to undo writer's block, and useful tips on how to write, among numerous other things. I concluded that it is the type of institute where writers of all skill levels benefit and because of this reason, I decided to take this institute a second time. This institute can even be helpful to faculty as well such that Amanda and Melissa are not only knowledgeable and helpful, but make hours-long institute a lot of fun."