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devils highway

Importance of Reading Skills

It is important to be a strong reader because reading is an analytical process that requires you to make meaning of written words. Much of your work in college will be based on reading experts’ research results and their prospective. Listed below are tips to enhance your comprehension skills while reading The Devil’s Highway.

Choose the Right Setting

Finding the best place to read with minimal distractions can help you stay more focused when reading The Devil’s Highway. If your room or home has too much going on, try going to the library or a local coffee shop. Also, finding the right time to read is important when trying to stay more focused. If you aren’t a morning person, don’t plant to read The Devil’s Highway first thing in the morning. If you find yourself sleeping or dozing off, get up and take a break for a couple of minutes before you start to read again.

Don't Rush Reading

Students that stay up for long hours to cram the summer common reading are rarely as successful as those that space the reading out and allow their brain time to process what they’ve read. When reading The Devil’s Highway, plan and set goals- this will make your task more enjoyable. For example, set a goal that you will read 30 pages a night; in one week, you will have read 210 pages!

Reading can be Bliss

As a college student, reading is now a vast part of your education so be positive about reading The Devil’s Highway- don’t dread reading the book! Go into the summer common reading with high expectations of what you can learn.

Be an Active Reader

Believe it or not, reading is an activity for your brain. While you are reading The Devil’s Highway, consistently focus on what the author is saying. Be sure to keep up with the characters, plot, setting, cause and effect, pivotal events, etc.