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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “Freshman Seminar” (COR 1203) class ?

This seminar is an interactive class of no more than 25 students focused on a topic selected by faculty members. The topic of each seminar is described on the schedule that students receive at Orientation.

Is there more than one type of Freshman Seminar?

Yes, there are two types of freshman seminars that you can choose from:

  • One type is linked to one or two other classes in a learning community.
  • The “Stand Alone” freshman seminar is a class that is not linked to other courses.

In both cases, you will get the benefits of being in a small class focused on a topic of interest to you and taught by a faculty member who cares about your adjustment to college.

Which type of Freshmen Seminar should I take?

The freshman seminars that are part of Learning Communities will permit you to take two other courses with the same students that are in your seminar. One of those two other courses is usually a large lecture class of 120 to 460 students. If you are not interested in the other courses, have AP (advanced placement) credit, or the times they are offered do not fit your schedule, consider a stand-alone freshman seminar.

What is involved in taking a Freshman Seminar?

Employers have told us that they want employees who can write, speak, think analytically and work in groups. The same skills are necessary in order to be successful in other college classes as you progress toward a degree. All Freshman Seminars have the following common elements to help you develop these skills:

  • Ten pages of writing including an essay over the Summer Common Reading text
  • Oral presentations
  • Group work
  • Mid-terms and final exams
  • Required attendance at least three out-of-class events

What else will occur in the Seminar?

Each seminar is different because the topics of seminars vary. The only common text for all Freshman Seminars is Farewell, My Subaru. The faculty member determines how it is used in each class. Out-of-class activities will be planned around this common text and will complement your reading of the book.

What will occur out of class?

The college experience should not be limited only to formal classes. Freshman students have the opportunity to experience a variety of out-of-class activities including films, “true talks”, music performances, athletic competitions, and other campus sponsored events. Each student must attend at least three of these out-of-class activities during the semester. There will be two optional social events during the semester in which students will be able to meet other students taking freshman seminar classes.

If you have further questions, please contact the Office of Learning Communities at 210-458-7511