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About Peer Class Leaders

Peer Class Leaders (PCL) are an integral part of Learning Communities and the Freshman Seminar course. PCL play different roles in the classroom, but all will serve as a liaison between the students and the instructor, help students become familiar with campus resources, assist students in understanding material covered in the Freshman Seminar course, and aid students in the overall success of their first semester at UTSA. Learning Communities and the Peer Class Leaders strive to develop the whole student - academically, emotionally, socially, and professionally.

Aspects of the Peer Class Leader can be described by the following:

Making themselves available to freshmen for questions, assistance, guidance, and a listening ear

Engaging freshmen as members of the UTSA community to help with the transition into college life

Negotiating with students to help set goals for personal and academic success

Taking the lead in presenting a role model for the students

Offering a helping hand to students by hosting individual meetings to address student concerns and needs

Referring students who need additional assistance to the appropriate campus resources


Listening to student's questions and concerns about course material and classroom issues and responding accordingly

Earning faculty trust and respect by being consistent, prepared, and respectful in and out of the classroom

Advocating for the students by presenting student concerns and issues to the faculty

Dedicating time before and after class to meet with students and answer questions as well as host weekly study sessions

Eliciting students participation in LC activities throughout the semester by promoting and attending events

Realistically encouraging students to strive to do their best work to ensure future success in college


Download criteria and application below:

Peer Leader Criteria

Peer Leader Program Application