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Courses Supported

Supplemental Instruction

SI study sessions will be offered to students in high enrollment sections of the following courses:

ACC 2013 Principles of Accounting

ARC 2413 History of Architecture: Medieval
ARC 2423 History of Architecture: Renaissance

AST 1013 Introduction to Astronomy

BIO 1233 Contemporary Biology I
BIO 1413 Biosciences II
BIO 2313 Genetics

CHE 1003 Chemistry for Allied Health Science
CHE 1073 Basic Chemistry
CHE 1103 General Chemistry I
CHE 1113 General Chemistry II
CHE 2604 Organic Chemistry I

CLA 2323 Classical Mythology

COM 2343 Intro to Mass Communication

CRJ 1113 American Criminal Justice System

ECO 2003 Economic Principles & Issues
ECO 2013 Introductory Macroeconomics
ECO 2023 Introductory Microeconomics

GEO 1013 The Third Planet

GRG 1023 World Regional Geography
GRG 2613 Physical Geography

HIS 1043 US History Pre-Columbus to Civil War
HIS 1053 US History Civil War to Present
HIS 2053 Texas History

MS 1023 Business Statistics w/Computer Applications I
MS 3043 Business Statistics w/Computer Applications II

PHY 1603 Algebra-based Physics I
PHY 1623 Algebra-based Physics II
PHY 1903 Engineering Physics I
PHY 1923 Engineering Physics II

POL 1013 Introduction to American Politics
POL 1133 Texas Politics & Society

PSY 1013 Introduction to Psychology
PSY 2073 Statistics for Psychology
PSY 2573 Psychology of Thought

SOC 1013 Introduction to Sociology

STA 1053 Basic Statistics

SI Motto: Tell me, and I forget, Show me, and I remember, Involve me, and I understand.
~ Chinese Proverb

For more information contact the SI office at 458-7251