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Tutoring Services


Putting it together, one piece at a time.

Tutoring Services provides tutoring as a free service to all students enrolled in supported core and gateway-to-the-major courses in Liberal Arts, Business, Engineering and the Sciences. There are three tutoring labs located at the 1604 campus and a tutoring center located at the Downtown campus. Tutoring labs are drop-in centers, no appointments are necessary. Tutors may work with students in groups or individually depending on the needs of the student. Students are encouraged to attend tutoring regularly throughout the semester to continuously work with course material for projects and exams.

What can I expect when I go to tutoring?

Our goal is to help students become independent learners. Tutors are here to help you with your course materials, however they cannot re-teach the material. Tutors can help you with concepts, theories and processes. They cannot help with anything that is turned in for a grade including homework, take home quizzes and exams. Tutors are allowed to help you work through similar problems and concepts to help develop the skills needed to complete the course materials.


There are a limited number of resources available to students while they are working in one of the tutoring labs. Students must have their UTSA ID card to check out any of the available textbooks or calculators (only available in the Q Lab) and these items are restricted to lab use only. In addition to textbooks and calculators, a number of formula and concept handouts are available in supported subject areas. Students are strongly encouraged to bring their books and notes with them when seeking tutoring at one of the labs.

A limited number of computers are available in the Q Lab for students to work on course materials found on line. Printing services are not available in the lab.