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Bachelor of Science Degree in Health

(Community Health and Preventive Services Specialization)

This program provides students with the opportunity to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Health for students interested in careers in community health, public health and health promotion. All degree core, designated electives, and support work must be completed with a grade of “C-” or better.

Admission Policy
The goal of admission requirements for the Health degree is to provide its undergraduate students with a program of study with the highest possible standards. To achieve this goal, the admission policy is designed to identify those students most likely to succeed in health education. All applicants for admission to the Health degree will be admitted to the program as pre-health students. Academic performance for declaration of the Health major will be evaluated after the following criteria have been met. To declare a Health major, a pre-health student must have:

  • completed 30 semester credit hours and be in good standing with the University

  • successfully completed the following or equivalent courses with a grade of “C-” or better:

    WRC 1013 Freshman Composition I
    WRC 1023 Freshman Composition II
    HTH 2413 Introduction to Community and Public Health

Applicants who have completed all of the above courses as equivalent transferable college credit with a grade of “C-” or better and have no UTSA coursework can declare a Health major if they:

  • meet all UTSA undergraduate admission requirements

  • have completed 30 semester credit hours.

A pre-health student will not be able to register for upper-division, majors-only courses at UTSA until they have completed the courses listed above with the required grade point average. A student can complete each course required for admission twice in order to reach the required grade; however, students who are not able to meet the criteria after completing the course for the second time will no longer be considered a pre-health student and their major will be changed from pre-health to undeclared (UND) in the University student record system. The student must then choose a major other than Health.

Academic advising for students seeking the degree is available in the College of Education and Human Development Advising and Certification Center.

The minimum number of semester credit hours for this degree, including the Core Curriculum requirements, is 120, at least 45 of which must be at the upper-division level.

Core Curriculum Requirements (42 semester credit hours)
Students seeking the Bachelor of Science degree in Health must fulfill University Core Curriculum requirements. The courses listed below satisfy both degree requirements and Core Curriculum requirements. For a complete listing of courses that satisfy the Core Curriculum requirements, see pages 3-5 of this catalog.

STA 1053 should be used to satisfy the core requirement in Mathematics. BIO 1404 should be used to satisfy the Level One core requirement in Natural Science.

All candidates for the degree must complete the following degree requirements in addition to the Core Curriculum requirements.

Degree Requirements

  1. Degree Core Requirements (48 semester credit hours of required courses):

    HTH  2413  Introduction to Community and Public Health
    HTH  3303  Physical Activity and Health
    HTH  3503  Theories of Health Behavior
    HTH  3513  Community Health
    HTH  3523  Worksite Health Promotion
    HTH  3533  Drugs and Health
    HTH  3543  Growth and Development
    HTH  3563  Child and Adolescent Health Promotion
    HTH  4503  Human Disease and Epidemiology
    HTH  4513  Consumer Health
    HTH  4523  Understanding Human Sexuality
    HTH  4533  Nutrition and Health
    HTH  4543  Environmental Health and Safety
    HTH  4936  Internship in Health

    MGT  3013  Introduction to Organization Theory, Behavior, and Management
    MGT  4953  Special Studies in Management (when topic is Introduction to Health Care Management)

  2. Support Work (26 semester credit hours of required courses):

    BIO  1122  Laboratory Investigations in Biology
    BIO  1404  Biosciences I
    BIO  2083  Human Anatomy
    BIO  2091  Human Anatomy Laboratory
    BIO  2103  Human Physiology
    BIO  2111  Human Physiology Laboratory
    COM  1043  Introduction to Communication
    KIN   2003  Computer Applications in Kinesiology and Health
    MAT  1023  College Algebra with Applications
    STA  1053  Basic Statistics

  3. Designated electives (10 semester credit hours selected from the following):

    HTH  2133  School Health
    HTH  3043  Principles of Weight Management
    HTH  3553  Emotional Wellness
    HTH  4953  Special Studies in Health
    KIN  2123  Fitness and Wellness Concepts
    KIN  3051  Group Fitness Instruction
    KIN  3071  Musculoskeletal Fitness Instruction
    MGT  3023  Understanding People and Organizations
    MKT  3013  Principles of Marketing
    POL  3293  Political Movements
    POL  3553  Social Policy in Modern Welfare States
    POL  3603  Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
    PSY  2533  Social Psychology
    PSY  4253  Psychology of Health
    SOC  2013  Social Problems
    SOC  3163  Families in Society
    SOC  3203  Gerontology
    SOC  3213  Medical Sociology
    SOC  3253  The Individual and Society

    Or others by approval of the department advisor ONLY.

B.S. in Health — Recommended Four-Year Academic Plan

Fall Spring
MAT 1023 (core) 3 BIO 1122 2
POL 1013 (core) 3 BIO 1404 (core and major) 4
WRC 1013 (core) 3 HTH 2413 3
U.S. History & Diversity core 3 STA 1053 3
Visual & Performing Arts core 3 WRC 1023 (core) 3
Total semester hours 15 Total semester hours 15
Fall Spring
POL 1133 or POL 1213 (core) 3 BIO 2083/2091 3/1
Economics core 3 COM 1043 3
Natural Sciences core – Level II 3 HTH 3503 3
U.S. History & Diversity core 3 Literature core 3
World Society & Issue core 3 Social & Behavioral Science core 3
Total semester hours 15 Total semester hours 16
Fall Spring
BIO 2103/2111 3/1 HTH 3303 3
HTH 3513 3 HTH 3523 3
HTH 3563 3 HTH 3533 3
HTH 4513 3 HTH 3543 3
KIN 2003 3 HTH 4523 3
    Designated elective 1
Total semester hours 16 Total semester hours 16
Fall Spring
HTH 4503 3 HTH 4936 6
HTH 4533 3 MGT 3013 or MGT 4953 3
HTH 4543 3 Designated elective 3
Designated electives 6    
Total semester hours 15 Total semester hours 12

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