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Minor in Women’s Studies

All students pursuing a Minor in Women’s Studies (WS) are required to complete 18 semester credit hours.

  1. 6 semester credit hours of required courses:

    WS  2013  Introduction to Women’s Studies
    WS  4623  Feminist Theories

  2. 12 additional semester credit hours, in at least two disciplines other than the student’s major, selected from the following:

    AMS  3443    Studies in Gender and Sexuality
    ANT  3103    Kinship and Social Organization
    ANT  3603    Sex, Gender, and Culture
    BBL  2023     Latino Cultural Expressions
    BBL  3023     Mexican American Culture
    BBL  3043     Social Psychological Considerations in Mexican American Communities
    BIO  2003     Biology of Human Reproduction
    CLA  3123     Cultural Issues in Classical Antiquity
    CRJ   4403    Race, Ethnicity, and Criminal Justice
    CRJ   4463    Gender and Crime
    CRJ   4853    Sex Crimes and the Law
    ENG  3133    Women and Literature
    ENG  4393    Feminist Theory of Literature
    HIS   3043    History of Women in the United States: Pre-Columbus to 1890
    HIS   3053    History of Women in the United States: Since 1890
    HIS   3133    Themes in the Social History of the United States
    HIS   3963    Women and Gender in India
    HTH  4523    Understanding Human Sexuality
    IDS   2113    Society and Social Issues
    LNG  3843    Gender Issues in Language
    MAS  2013    Introduction to Chicano(a) Studies
    POL  3163    Introduction to Feminist Theory
    POL  3183    Women in Politics
    PSY  3303    Psychological Perspectives on Gender
    PSY  4193    Relationships
    SOC  3163    Families in Society
    SOC  3283    Poverty
    SOC  3293    Sociology of Gender
    SOC  3413    Sociology of the Mexican American Community
    WS   3613    Feminist Research Methodologies
    WS   3953    Special Topics in Women Writers
    WS   4863    Feminism and Globalization
    WS   4913    Independent Study
    WS   4933    Internship in Women’s Studies
    WS   4953    Special Topics in Women's Studies

Note: Please consult the Women’s Studies Institute for a complete list of courses that fulfill the WS minor.

To declare a Minor in Women’s Studies, obtain advice, obtain lists of relevant courses, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Education and Human Development Advising and Certification Center.