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Minor in History

All students pursuing a Minor in History must complete 18 semester credit hours.

  1. 9 semester credit hours of required courses:

    HIS  2003  Historical Methods

    HIS  2123  Introduction to World Civilization to the Fifteenth Century
    HIS  2133  Introduction to World Civilization since the Fifteenth Century

    Up to 3 hours chosen from the following:

    HIS  2533  Introduction to Latin American Civilization
    HIS  2543  Introduction to Islamic Civilization
    HIS  2553  Introduction to East Asian Civilization
    HIS  2563  Introduction to European Civilization
    HIS  2573  Introduction to African Civilization
    HIS  2583  Introduction to South Asian Civilization

  2. 9 additional semester credit hours of upper-division history electives

    To declare a Minor in History, obtain advice, or seek approval for substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center.