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Minor in Humanities

All students pursuing the Minor in Humanities must complete 21 semester credit hours.

  1. HUM  3013  History of Ideas

  2. 9 semester credit hours of background courses, with 3 hours selected from each of the three following groups:
    1. AHC  1113  Survey of Art and Architecture from Prehistoric Times to 1350
      AHC  1123  Survey of Art and Architecture in Europe and the New World from 1350 to 1750
      AHC  1133  Survey of Modern Art

    2. CLA  2013  Introduction to Ancient Greece
      CLA  2023  Introduction to Ancient Rome
      CLA  2033  Introduction to Classical Literature

    3. PHI  2013  Basic Philosophical Problems
      PHI  2023  Introduction to Ancient Philosophy
      PHI  2033  Introduction to Early Modern Philosophy

  3. 9 additional semester credit hours of upper-division coursework in Humanities