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Minor in Public Administration

All students pursuing a Minor in Public Administration must complete 18 semester credit hours, 9 hours of which must be at the upper-division level.

  1. 3 required semester credit hours:

    POL  2513  Public Administration and Public Policy

  2. 3 additional semester credit hours of research methods selected from the following:

    CRJ   3013  Research Design and Analysis in Criminal Justice
    ECO  3123  Introduction to Econometrics and Business Forecasting
    GRG  3323  Spatial Analysis
    POL   2703  Scope and Methods in Political Science
    SOC  3393  Quantitative Research Methods

  3. 3 additional semester credit hours selected from the following:

    ECO  2003  Economic Principles and Issues (This course may be used to satisfy the Core Curriculum requirement in Social and Behavioral Sciences: Economics.)
    LGS  3013  Legal Research and Writing
    POL  2623  Law and Society
    POL  3013  The American Legal Process
    POL  3023  Civil Liberties in American Law and Practice
    POL  3323  Constitutional Law
    POL  3633  Political Economy
    POL  4323  Administrative Law

  4. 9 additional semester credit hours selected from the following:

    IS    3003  Principles of Information Systems for Management
    MGT 3013  Introduction to Organization Theory, Behavior, and Management
    POL  3303  Race, Ethnicity and Public Policy
    POL  3413  The Politics of Urban Development
    POL  3553  Social Policy in Modern Welfare States
    POL  3603  Public Policy Formulation and Implementation
    POL  3613  Public Budgeting and Taxation
    POL  3623  Public Policy Evaluation
    POL  3703  Personnel Administration in the Public Sector

To declare a Minor in Public Administration, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center.