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Department of History

The Department of History offers Bachelor of Arts degrees in American Studies and History. Students majoring in History may also select a concentration in Social Studies. The department also offers minors in American Studies and History.

Department Honors

Students whose grade point average in the History or American Studies majors (including support work) before the beginning of their final year at UTSA is 3.5 or above, and whose overall grade point average is 3.2, may earn Department Honors. To do so, students must enroll in the honors thesis course (HIS 4993 or AMS 4993) during their final two semesters and must complete a substantial original research project approved by the faculty supervisor and two other faculty members. Students must maintain a 3.5 grade point average in both the major and support work to be eligible for the award. Students who enroll in an Honor’s Thesis course (HIS 4993 or AMS 4993) and complete this work satisfactorily do not need to enroll in HIS 4973 Seminar in History or AMS 4973 Advanced Seminar in American Studies.

Degrees and Minors

Course Descriptions