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Minor in Political Science

All students pursuing the Minor in Political Science must complete 18 semester credit hours, 12 hours of which must be upper-division.

  1. 6 semester credit hours of lower-division courses selected from the following:

    GLA  2603  Introduction to Global Affairs or POL  2603  International Politics
    GLA  2633 or POL  2633  Comparative Politics
    POL  2503  Introduction to Political Theory
    POL  2513  Politics and the Administrative Process
    POL  2533  Introduction to Political Science
    POL  2623  Law and Society
    POL  2703  Scope and Methods in Political Science

  2. 12 upper-division semester credit hours. Students must take at least one upper-division class in three of the six subfields (see list of courses by subfield below):

    Subfields in Political Science:

    American Politics
    POL  3093  Mexican American Politics
    POL  3123  Political Psychology
    POL  3183  Women in Politics
    POL  3234  Political Campaigns and Elections
    POL  3244  Mass Media and Public Opinion
    POL  3253  Participation and American National Elections
    POL  3283  The American Presidency
    POL  3293  Political Movements
    POL  3363  Political Parties and Interest Groups
    POL  3373  The Legislative Process
    POL  3413  The Politics of Urban Development
    POL  3743  Politics in Film
    POL  3753  Latino/a Politics
    POL  3813  Political Polling
    POL  3823  Politics of Congressional Elections

    Comparative Politics
    GLA  3063 or POL  3063  Comparative Political Participation
    GLA  3393 or POL  3393  Latin American Politics
    GLA  3403 or POL  3403  European Governments
    GLA  3433 or POL  3433  Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia
    GLA  3443 or POL  3443  Governments and Politics of East Asia
    GLA  3453 or POL  3453  The Politics of Mexico
    GLA  3493 or POL  3493  Politics of the Middle East
    GLA  3633 or POL  3633  Political Economy
    GLA  3783 or POL  3783  Comparative Democratization
    GLA  4003 or POL 4003  Comparative Foreign Policy
    GLA  4123  Techniques in Global Analysis
    GLA  4133  Conflict, Law, and Security in Global Affairs
    POL  3353  Leadership and Elites
    POL  3463  Politics of the Third World
    POL  3553  Social Policy in Modern Welfare States

    International Politics
    GLA  3003  International Law
    GLA  3013 or POL 3273  Introduction to Global Analysis
    GLA  3033 or POL  3033  International Governance
    GLA  3043 or POL  3043  Human Rights
    GLA  3383 or POL  3383  East European Politics
    GLA  3483 or POL  3483  International Political Economy
    GLA  3503 or POL  3503  American Foreign Policy since World War II
    GLA  3513 or POL  3513  International Organizations in World Politics
    GLA  3523 or POL  3523  Force in International Politics
    GLA  3563 or POL  3563  Current Issues in World Politics
    GLA  3763 or POL  3763  Globalization
    GLA  3793  Politics and Ethics of International Business
    GLA  4003 or POL  4003  Comparative Foreign Policy
    GLA  4123  Techniques in Global Analysis
    GLA  4133  Conflict, Law, and Security in Global Affairs
    GLA  4143 or POL  4143  The European Union

    Political Theory
    POL  3103  Political Ideology
    POL  3113  American Political Theory
    POL  3133  Political Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
    POL  3143  Political Philosophy: Modern
    POL  3153  Political Philosophy: Contemporary
    POL  3163  Introduction to Feminist Theory
    POL  3193  Theories of Citizenship
    POL  3203  African American Political Thought

    Administrative Process
    POL  3413  The Politics of Urban Development
    POL  4323  Administrative Law

    Public Law
    POL  3013  The American Legal Process
    POL  3023  Civil Liberties in American Law and Practice
    POL  3223  Judicial Politics
    POL  3323  Constitutional Law
    POL  4123  Legal and Philosophical Reasoning
    POL  4153  Seminar in Jurisprudence
    POL  4323  Administrative Law

Internship hours cannot count toward the minor.

To declare a Minor in Political Science, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center.

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