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Minor in Professional Writing

All students pursuing the Minor in Professional Writing must complete 21 semester credit hours of professional writing:

  1. 15 semester credit hours of required courses:

    ENG  2413  Technical Writing
    ENG  2433  Editing
    ENG  3313  Advanced Composition
    ENG  3333  Introduction to the Structure of English
    ENG  3413  Specialized Professional Writing

  2. 6 additional upper-division semester credit hours from the following courses:

    ENG  3303  Theory and Practice of Composition

    ENG  3323  History of the English Language
    ENG  3343  Principles of English Linguistics

    ENG  3363  Topics in Rhetoric and Composition*
    ENG  3383  Writing in Public, Professional, and Workplace Contexts*
    ENG  4433  Advanced Professional Writing*
    ENG  4933  Internship

* These courses are topics courses and may be repeated when topics vary; each may be used to fulfill up to 6 semester credit hours for the minor in professional writing.