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Minor in Public Administration

The Minor in Public Administration is open to students in any discipline. The minor provides undergraduate students with foundational knowledge of the public sector. This includes fundamentals of public leadership and management, the meaning of public service in a diverse society, ethical decision-making, and the practice of policy formation and implementation. All students seeking the Minor in Public Administration must complete 18 semester credit hours.

  1. All students seeking the Minor in Public Administration must complete the following 9 semester credit hours:

    PAD  1113    Public Administration in American Society
    PAD  3013    Introduction to Public Policy
    PAD  3023    Introduction to Urban Management and Policy

  2. Students must also take 9 semester credit hours of which at least 6 credit hours must include PAD or NPO courses listed below.

    Students may select at least 6 credit hours or two courses from the following list:
    PAD  2153       Analysis and Assessment for Public Administration
    PAD  3033       Introduction to Nonprofit Agencies (same as NPO 3013)
    PAD  3043       Public and Nonprofit Financial Management
    PAD  3053       Urban Economic Development
    PAD  3113       Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations
    PAD  3123       Strategic Planning in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
    PAD  3133       Politics and Policies of San Antonio and South Texas
    PAD  3143       Urban and Regional Planning
    PAD  3153       Legal Context of Public Policy and Administration
    PAD  4911,3    Independent Study (prior approval required)
    PAD  4933       Internship in Public Administration (prior approval required)
    PAD  4953       Special Topics in Nonprofit Organizations
    PAD  4963       Special Topics in Public Administration
    PAD  4993       Honors Thesis (prior approval required)
    NPO  3003       Fundraising in Nonprofit Agencies
    NPO  4933,6    Internship in Nonprofit Management (prior approval required)

    Students may select up to 3 credit hours or one course from the following list:
    COM  3893    Organizational Communication
    CRJ   1113    The American Criminal Justice System
    CRJ   3213    Managing Criminal Justice Organizations
    CRJ   3623    Substantive Criminal Law
    ECO  2003    Economic Principles and Issues
    ECO  3273    Introduction to Public Sector Economics
    FIN   3003    Survey of Finance
    GRG  3314    Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
    HIS   3153    Development of American Urban Society
    IS     3003    Principles of Information Systems for Management
    MS    4333    Project Management
    SOC  1043    Introduction to Public Health
    SOC  3223    Population Dynamics and Demographic Techniques
    SOC  4053    Health Care System
    SOC  4083    Behavioral Epidemiology
    SOC  4683    Health Disparities

To declare a Minor in Public Administration, obtain advice, obtain lists of relevant courses, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Public Policy Advising Center (located on the Downtown Campus).