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Department of English

The department offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in English with concentrations in professional writing, creative writing, and English language arts and reading as well as a minor in English Literature. Honors can also be earned in English.

Honors in English

Students whose grade point average in the English major (including support work) before the beginning of their final year at UTSA is 3.5 or above, and whose overall grade point average is 3.25, may earn Honors in English. To do so, a student must (1) maintain a 3.5 grade point average in both the major work and support work (the grade point average requirements apply to all transfer work and all courses taken at UTSA); (2) take three upper-division English classes with an Honors designation*; and (3) submit for approval from the Department Scholarship and Honors Committee a portfolio containing (a) three substantial papers (totaling a minimum of 25 pages) and (b) a critical statement (5 to 8 pages). The substantial papers, preferably written for English classes that have received Honors designation, will be evaluated in terms of research, accuracy, analysis, eloquence, and command of subject. The papers, if written for a previous course, may be revised and edited for honors submissions. The critical statement assesses the papers’ contribution to the student’s goals as an English major seeking honors.

* Any upper-division English class may be designated as Honors pending student petition and approval of the individual instructor. Honors designation involves additional coursework and faculty mentoring.

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