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Minor in Latin American Studies

The Minor in Latin American Studies provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the political, cultural, historical, economical and societal processes and systems of the region.

All students pursuing a Minor in Latin American Studies must complete 18 semester credit hours. No more than four courses from one discipline.

  1. 12 semester credit hours selected from the following courses:

    ANT  3253  The Archeology of South America
    ANT  3363  Indians of Mesoamerica
    ECO  4303  Economics of Developing Countries
    GRG  3123  Geography of Latin America
    HIS   2533  Introduction to Latin American Civilization
    HIS   3403  Pre-Hispanic and Colonial Latin America
    POL  3393  Latin American Politics
    POL  3473  Theories and Problems in Latin American Politics
    SPN  3623  Latin American Culture and Civilization

  2. 6 semester credit hours from the following courses:

    AHC  3423  Arts of Ancient America
    ANT  3273  Civilizations of Mexico
    BBL   3053  Foundations of Bilingual Studies
    GRG  3143  Geography of Mexico
    HIS   3063  The Spanish Borderlands, 1521–1821
    HIS   3123  Colonial Texas under Spanish and Mexican Rule to 1836
    HIS   3293  Imperial Spain
    HIS   3303  History of Mexico
    HIS   3313  History of U.S. Relations with Latin America
    HIS   3353  Latin America since Independence
    HIS   3373  Revolution in Latin America
    MUS 2693  The Music of Latin America and the Caribbean
    POL  3213  Business and Politics in the Third World
    POL  3453  The Politics of Mexico
    POL  3753  Latino/a Politics
    POL  4103  Latin America and the World
    SOC  3433  Mexican Immigration and U.S. Society
    SPN  3153  Spanish for the Business/Management Fields
    SPN  3463  Latin American Literature to Modernism
    SPN  3473  Latin American Literature since Modernism

To declare a Minor in Latin American Studies, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center.