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Minor in Legal Studies

All students pursuing a Minor in Legal Studies must complete 21 semester credit hours, at least 12 hours of which must be at the upper-division level.

  1. 12 semester credit hours of required courses:

    1. LGS  2013  Introduction to Legal Studies
      POL  2623  Law and Society

    2. ENG  2413  Technical Writing
      ENG  4953  Special Studies in English: Legal Technical Writing

    3. LGS  3013  Legal Research and Writing
      CRJ  3613  Legal Research and Writing

    4. LGS  4013  Issues in Law and Society

  2. 9 additional semester credit hours (at least 6 of which must be at the upper-division level) from the following list, in at least two disciplines other than the student’s major:

    ANT  3733    Political and Legal Anthropology
    BIO   4073    Law, Ethics, and the Life Sciences
    BLW  3013    Business Law
    BLW  3023    Business Organizations and Commercial Law
    BLW  3523    Real Estate Law
    BLW  4153    Tourism Law
    BLW  4953    Special Studies in Business Law
    COM  3113    Argumentation and Debate
    CRJ   3623    Substantive Criminal Law
    CRJ   3633    Trial and Evidence
    CRJ   4143    Legal Issues in Forensic Science
    CRJ   4633    Constitutional Criminal Procedure
    CRJ   4853    Sex Crimes and the Law
    CRJ   4863    Special Topics in Legal Issues and Adjudication
    ES    3203    Environmental Law
    HIS   3093    United States Constitutional History
    HIS   3183    Law and American Development
    LGS  3113    Blacks, Chicanos, and the Law
    LGS  3213    Law School Studies
    LGS  3313    Science and the Law
    LGS  3323    Constitutional Analysis I
    LGS  3333    Constitutional Analysis II
    LGS  3413    Regulatory Law and Enterprise
    LGS  4013    Issues in Law and Society
    LGS  4123    Legal and Philosophical Reasoning
    LGS  4133    Analytical Reasoning, Logic, Argumentation, and Law School Admission
    LGS  4223    Torts
    LGS  4233    Federal Courts
    LGS  4913    Independent Study
    LGS  4933    Internship in Legal Studies
    MGT 4643    Human Resources Law
    PAD 3023    Introduction to Urban Management and Policy
    PAD 3133    Politics and Policies of San Antonio and South Texas
    PHI  2043    Introductory Logic
    PHI  2063    Philosophy of Law
    PHI  4953    Special Studies in Philosophy: Legal and Philosophical Reasoning
    POL 2513    Public Administration and Public Policy
    POL 3013    The American Legal Process
    POL 3023    Civil Liberties in American Law and Practice
    POL 3323    Constitutional Law
    POL 4123    Legal and Philosophical Reasoning
    POL 4153    Seminar in Jurisprudence
    POL 4323    Administrative Law

To declare a Minor in Legal Studies or to obtain advice, information, or approvals for course requirement substitutions, students should consult the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center. Students with questions about the relationship of the Minor in Legal Studies to the UTSA Summer Law School Preparation Academy should contact the Institute for Law and Public Affairs.

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