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Minor in Film Studies

The Minor in Film Studies provides a broad, interdisciplinary approach to film analysis and criticism, history of cinema, film production, and the uses of film in the fine arts, humanities, and social science disciplines.

All students pursuing a Minor in Film Studies must complete 18 semester credit hours from among the following courses:

ANT  3803  Media, Power, and Public Culture
ANT  4243  Ethnographic Film
CSH  2113  The Foreign Film
HIS   3803  World History in the Cinema
HUM  2053  History of Film
HUM  3103  American Film
HUM  3203  Film Genres
HUM  3303  Major Filmmaker
HUM  3403  Literature into Film
MES  3113  Film Studies
MES  3333  Digital Video Production
MES  4333  Digital Video Practicum
MUS  2743  Music and Film
POL  3743  Film in Politics
SOC  3423  Mass Media in Society

The following topics courses may also be applied toward the 18-hour requirement when they examine film or cinema:

AHC  4333  Topics in Art History and Criticism
AMS  3343  Studies in Race and Ethnicity
AMS  4823  Topics in American Culture
ART  4033  Studio Art Problems
ENG  4613  Topics in Mexican American Literature
ENG  4953  Special Studies in English
ENG  4973  Seminar for English Majors
FRN  4213  Topics in French Culture and Linguistics
GER  4213  Topics in German Culture and Linguistics
HUM  3703  Topics in Popular Culture
HUM  4953  Special Studies in Humanities
HUM  4973  Seminar for Humanities Majors
RUS  3633  Topics in Russian Culture
SPN  4303  Topics in Hispanic Cultures

Other courses that include a focus on film or cinema may be proposed as substitutions in satisfying requirements for the Minor.

To declare a Minor in Film Studies, obtain advice, or seek approval of substitutions for course requirements, students should consult the College of Liberal and Fine Arts Advising Center.