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Minor in Music

To declare a Minor in Music, students must first interview with a Music Department advisor.

All students pursuing the Minor in Music must complete 21 semester credit hours. Students with little or no prior experience with music performance or notation should take MUS 2623 Fundamentals of Music for the Non-Music Major before declaring the music minor and enrolling in MUS 1102 and MUS 1112.

  1. 8 semester credit hours of music theory courses:

    MUS  1102  Aural Skills I
    MUS  1112  Basic Skills of Music I
    MUS  1122  Aural Skills II
    MUS  1132  Basic Skills of Music II

  2. 3 semester credit hours of lower-division music studies selected from the following:

    MUS  1521  Class Piano 1
    MUS  1531  Class Voice
    MUS  1621  Class Piano 2
    MUS  2183  Jazz Skills
    MUS  2243  World Music in Society
    MUS  2263  Introduction to the Music Industry
    MUS  2273  Introduction to Music for Non-Profit Organizations
    MUS  2403  Conducting I
    MUS  2603  Beginning Guitar
    MUS  2613  Intermediate Guitar
    MUS  2633  American Roots Music
    MUS  2663  History and Styles of Jazz
    MUS  2673  History and Styles of Rock
    MUS  2683  Masterpieces of Music
    MUS  2693  The Music of Latin America and the Caribbean
    MUS  2743  Music and Film

  3. 6 semester credit hours of upper-division music studies selected from the following:

    MUS  3013  Digital Music Production
    MUS  3103  Audio Technology I
    MUS  3123  Introduction to Electronic and Computer Music
    MUS  3453  Teaching Elementary Music
    MUS  3523  Music and the Internet
    MUS  3613  Entrepreneurship in Music

  4. Two semesters (a minimum of 2 semester credit hours) of Music Ensemble, as assigned

  5. 2 semester credit hours of MUS 2001 Concert Music