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Department of Music

The Department of Music offers the Bachelor of Music degree and the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree. Students may select the Bachelor of Music in Music Studies (with all-level certification) or the Bachelor of Music with an emphasis in either music performance, composition, or music marketing. The department also offers a Minor in Dance, a Minor in Music, a Certificate in Music Technology, and a Certificate in Jazz Studies. The Department of Music is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music.

Students entering the Bachelor of Music program with a Music Studies concentration may be required to satisfy additional requirements as prescribed by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC) and are advised to consult the College of Education and Human Development Advising and Certification Center.

A diagnostic examination in music theory is given to music majors entering UTSA for the first time. This examination is given at the beginning of each semester and used as an aid in advising.

In order to declare music as a major, students must successfully audition for faculty in their principal performance area. If a student is not enrolled in Private Instruction for two consecutive long semesters (Fall or Spring), the student must re-audition for admission into the music program and for placement in an appropriate level of private instruction.

The music faculty and students support the COLFA Signature Experience through the following capstone experiences in the music studies concentration and the three undergraduate music emphases:

Music Studies: Student Teaching (C&I 4716). The student applies knowledge from his or her undergraduate music and education training and leads music learning in the public school music classroom under the supervision and guidance of a cooperating music teacher and a university supervisor.

Music Performance: Senior Recital (MUS 4561). The student performs a one-hour recital under the guidance and supervision of his or her music professor. This performance is adjudicated by a panel of a minimum of three music faculty and includes representative solo and chamber works from a broad repertoire.

Composition: Senior Recital (MUS 4561). The student organizes a recital of his or her own compositions. Under the guidance and supervision of a music professor, works are presented in a variety of musical genres and are adjudicated by the composition faculty.

Music Marketing: Music Marketing Internship (MUS 4933). The student coordinates and establishes his or her own internship in a professional setting. Under the guidance and supervision of a music business leader and university professor, the student applies knowledge and skills from their university coursework.

Degrees, Minors, and Certificates

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