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Driver Training


 TheDriver Safety Training is now located in the UTSA MyTraining link -https://mytraining.utsa.edu/moodle/my/index.php .  The course is Defensive Driving Awareness Program (SA 503).


Texas Driver's Record Request

PDF form DR-1 (print and send to UTSA PD Attn Pat Harborth, see below instructions)

    1. Texas Driver's Record Request(DR-1 Form) must be completed annually. DL Check request (DR-1) forms must be submitted 30 days prior to the expiration of last years request. It is the departments responsibility to verify that each employee driving a state vehicle has completed and submitted both the Exam and Release.
    2. Complete “Information Requested On” and “Individual’s Written Consent” sections of the Texas Department of Public Safety Application (DR1) for a copy of Driver Record form.
    3. Send the completed form by campus mail to Pat Harborth, in the University Police Department-Bosque Building 1.402, for processing.
    4. Once the employee’s driving record is received from the Texas Department of Public Safety, the University Police Department will notify the employing department about the employee’s status and whether he/she is eligible to drive a state vehicle or rental vehicle.
    5. For any UTSA employee or student employee who is expected to drive often on travel covered by this policy, the employing department must perform a motor vehicle record check annually to ensure authorized driving status for such employee or student employee.
    6. The employing department must also notify such an employee or student employee that he/she is obligated to report to the employing department any moving or traffic violations she/she received.
    7. The employing department must report any such moving or traffic violation to Pat Harborth in the University Police Department.
    8. Clearance must be obtained prior to departure.
    9. The employee’s driving record remains on file with the University Police Department.


    Texas DPS Driving Records request take 5 to 10 business days to obtain.
    If you have any questions please contact:

    Joseph Stilwill- UTSA Fleet Mgr - 210-458-7681


    Lt. Stephanie Padula- 210-458-4775


    Rebecca Gomez- 210-458-4417
    University Police Department