Center for Water Research
Science Building 1.03.04

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Center for Water Research, The University of Texas at San Antonio, is to emphasize a multi-disciplinary approach to solve practical problems related to water as a resource.

The Center for Water Research (CWR) is affiliated with the College of Engineering and the College of Sciences at The University of Texas at San Antonio. CWR serves as a resource for universities, research, education, governmental, commercial communities and the public for water and related environmental issues.

CWR offers the collaborative expertise of highly qualified engineers and scientists to determine efficient and effective strategies for research and data acquisition. While providing water-related academic programs, CWR professionals and students use a multi-disciplinary approach to identify water-related issues and to solve water resource problems within the community.

Projects define challenging education and research opportunities to provide hydrological, environmental, and other basic data for water resource planning and management both in terms of costs and results. CWR research and development reflects an increasing concern for the preservation of quality water resources for all facets of water usage.