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Academic Development Program (ADP)

What is ADP?

The Academic Development Program (ADP) is designed to assist students who have been provisionally admitted to UTSA.

ADP students are given the opportunity to adjust to college life while improving the academic skills they will need to succeed in college. Features of the program include:

  • Participation in a Learning Community
  • Individualized academic advising
  • Academic support and guidance while under provisional status

What does provisional (PV) mean?

Students qualify for provisional admission as a result of not meeting regular admission standards (i.e. SAT or ACT scores and high school record). See UTSA Freshmen Admission Requirements.

What are the requirements for provisional students?

  • All students who are provisionally admitted must participate in the Academic Development Program administered through the Tomás Rivera Center.
  • PV students must enroll in a  Learning Community  during their first semester at UTSA.
  • PV students will enroll in a COR 1203 – Freshman Seminar their first semester at UTSA.  The seminar focuses on learning strategies, research skills, and awareness of campus resources.  This course meets a core curriculum requirement.
  • PV students must enroll as undeclared majors.  (After successfully clearing their PV status, students may then declare a major.)
  • PV students may only take courses in English, mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and foreign languages.
  • PV students must demonstrate their ability to succeed by obtaining an overall “C” average (2.0 on a 4.0 scale) in at least 18 college credit hours of coursework earned at UTSA, in order to avoid academic dismissal.

What if I get dismissed?

PV students placed on academic dismissal must attend another college or university and complete at least 12 college credit hours of course work, with at least a 2.00 grade point average, before reinstatement to UTSA can be considered

What are past participants saying about the program?

Watch the Student Video to find out.

What are the costs of ADP?

There are no additional costs to be in ADP.

Is there an opportunity for financial assistance?

Students who demonstrate a financial need can benefit from UTSA's Financial Aid Office.

May I look at the ADP Advising Syllabus?

ADP Advising Syllabus

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How can I get further information on ADP?


Cynthia Rodriguez
Director, Academic Development Program
(210) 458-7252